For many years I have been treating people for chronic pain, physical misalignments, backaches, sore necks and shoulders, painful joints and muscles, poor sleep and lack of energy and other health related concerns.

It has given me a tremendous insight to how the mental state and attitude impacts the body.

In numerous instances I have observed a connection between how patients talk, how they relate to their circumstances in life and to their physical state.

“You may not always be in control of your circumstances

but you are always in control

of your own thoughts, actions and reaction.”

Becoming a life coach was inevitable. It provides a very different outlook towards preventing a mental condition from manifesting in a physical condition

With Life Coaching, clients can get direction, purpose and fulfilment in life. They learn how to deal with situations and can get unstuck before they get stuck with pain.

As part of the Life Coaching course, I have focused my Research Project on Complete Health:

body – mind – spirit

You are welcome to download your copy of the Research Project Summary.pdf