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Establish the cause of your issue, confusion, pain, procrastination etc., find the link that chains you down.

What is it that stops you? What is holding you back?


Find out who you really are, discover what you are made of.

Like this expensive and valuable tool box; do you REALLY know what kind of tools you are equipped with? Have you ever taken time to find out?

Magnifying Glass

Find your special talents and gifts. Allow yourself to imagine and feel what you love doing. What gets you excited. Have you forgotten? Go back to when you were a child. What dreams did you have? What was your heart drawn to? What sort of role models did you admire?


How do I get back up there? I can’t do it on my own, I need help!

Imagine there is a person (life coach) on the top, throwing down a rope ladder. All of a sudden it doesn’t appear so difficult at all. You just take one step at a time. You are not alone anymore.


Now imagine your life coach points a torch down the chasm for you to find your way back; back to yourself and a life of fulfilment, joy and happiness.

A life coach can guide you through your journey of re-discovering yourself and help you find and learn how you can use your tools (talents) to make a changing impact in your life.

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