We often tend to focus on problems by looking at the effect, such as being overweight, poor health, being unfit, sleeplessness, low energy, feeling older that we should and many more.

The real questions here are, how did it get this far? Why can't I fix this? Where do I start? Can I do this on my own? Do I need someone alongside to help and motivate me?

Guess what, when we tackle an issue, it's best to chunk it down in smaller, but manageable pieces. Just like putting together a puzzle. We need to sort out the various pieces first and then we can begin to get each section sorted, one at the time. I love the saying: "Rome wasn't built in one day." And so it is with us, we don't allow ourselves the time to change our daily habits to start losing weight, gain muscle mass, getting fit etc.

The 3 main pieces, I call them 'The 3 Pillars to Success', are: Mindset - Movement - Nutrition

This Video will give you a much better insight on your real barriers.