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Welcome and thank you for dropping in! My name is Monica Rohrer and I am a life coach, an online personal trainer and therapist. Why not let you in on how I got to where I am today?

The mystery of life, the world, people and the future has always captivated my interest. My first encounter with a coach was at the age of 14. We had to decide what career path we wanted to pursue and were sent to see a career coach.

I clearly remember that I got even more confused and uncertain and felt that my real potentials and talents were not being recognized and elicited.

This experience stuck with me ever since and has led me, after all these years, to become an effective life coach!

Throughout my life, I always had a strong desire to help people. In early 2004 I started a massage course. The more I learned the more I became passionate about the human body. Many other courses followed which enhanced my abilities to set people free of unnecessary pain and discomfort.

I was thrilled by the multitude of positive outcomes. The feeling of making a difference in people’s wellbeing is indescribable.

I soon realized that it took more than “just” aligning the body. To attain perfect harmony, the mind too needs to be “aligned”.

That explained why in some instances the treatment wasn’t successful. It was in fact the person’s own attitude and mindset that stood in the way of the healing process.

A consistent pattern became apparent. Everyone with a positive attitude and a strong desire to get better, got better. They were following through with my recommendations to support the therapy. Others chose to be negative by saying things like:

“I know I should.”

“I think I may”

“I have tried so many things, but…”

“Nothing ever works for me”

“Ok, I’ll try”

“Sorry, I forgot”

“I was too busy being busy”

or “Too preoccupied with other stuff.”

A therapist can only act as catalyst. The client needs to be proactive and willing to get better.

The same applies to life coaching. A life coach can only facilitate people who have made a decision to move on and have the desire and made a decision to bring about changes. They WANT to live their lives to their full potential and live every minute of it.

Then it is up to the Life Coach to guide the clients, help them realize what is missing and assist them in resolving their issues.

I won’t tell my clients what to do, but I can open up their world; help them discover their own resources; learn how to understand themselves.

I help my clients set worthwhile personal goals; find their talents and gifts, recognize their self-limiting beliefs that stop their personal and professional growth; build their confidence; improve relationships; reach their full potential; find their own place and purpose in life; regain optimal health and the list goes on.

I am excited to be able to make a difference in people’s lives. Being a life coach and a therapist gives me the edge to help a wider range of people reach their own potential, objectives and regain health.

“If you are willing to heal your mind, you too can heal your body and your life”

Monica M Rohrer

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