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Do I need a life coach?

All the resources you need are lying within you. The question is: how do you access them and harness them to your own advantage.

Unforeseen events and unexpected crises cause us to freeze up; we can no longer think clearly and rationally.

Naturally one is inclined to focus more on what is missing rather than on what is at hand. We tend to blame circumstances or people for difficult situations, failures or shortcomings. We compare ourselves with other people’s achievements and become passive. We give up control of the.

Therefore, the answer is yes. A Life Coach will assist you to keep your focus on solutions and actions that result in a positive and desired outcome.

A life coach will assist you to:

  • get you to refocus on yourself
  • what you have right now
  • where you want to go
  • help you gain clarity and establish the REAL issues
  • unlock your creativity
  • define a clear and worthwhile goal
  • consider all your options
  • create an action plan

What is a life coach?

Life Coaching originates from America back from the late 80’s. It was initially derived from sports coaching. It is still very new and most people are not quite sure what a Life Coach does. The professions listed below will help you understand where the life coach fits in:

Mentoring: Mentors have been and done what you are about to achieve. They give you specific instructions and advice, based on personal experience.

Therapy / Counselling: A Therapist will delve into your past for answers; give advice and/or may even prescribe medication. People mostly seek a therapist when they suffer from a mental imbalance or condition; addictions which could have been caused by abuse or various issues in their past.

Sports Coaching: A sports coach is similar to a mentor. He or she will TELL a team or an individual exactly what to do in order to win in a specific sport.

Life Coaching: The role of a life coach is best described as that of a catalyst. We are here to ENABLE a person to achieve, not to TELL them how. We progress from the present and find the answers by going forward to the future.

The life coach does not have answers but will assist clients to find them within themselves. Clients learn how to take ownership of their lives again.

Does a life coach give advice?

No, we do not give advice. We help our clients by listening and allowing them the space to talk. We ask very specific questions which will open the mind to new or long forgotten dimensions.

Our clients gain clarity and understanding on how to resolve their issues and achieve their goals. There is no need for a life coach to have prior knowledge of the client’s circumstances, nor is there a need for a life coach to be an expert in a specific professional field.

A Life Coach will approach a client without any preconceived ideas; will not judge and is totally impartial. The focus always remains on the client.

How are the sessions being held?

Sessions are most commonly being held over the phone or Skype. Some clients may prefer to visit the coach if geographically convenient.

Are the coaching sessions confidential?

Absolutely. All client information and outcome of sessions are kept strictly confidential and will not be passed on to a third person.

To download the ICF Code of Ethics click

What am I required to do between sessions?

At the end of the session, you would agree to undertake certain actions to resolve your issue. The coach may also provide you with work sheets to obtain much quicker results. It is entirely up to you as the client on how serious you are in achieving your goal.

How long do coaching sessions last?

The intake session (first session) is 1 hour, the duration of follow up sessions is 45 minutes at prearranged times.

Will I get a free Consultation?

Yes. Before your first session we will catch up for a complimentary 30 minute session. This is gauged towards faster results before you start your coaching programme.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

That all depends on your issues and goals. Some clients may only have one area in their lives that they wish to work on, others, several - may it be family, work, finance and so forth.

An ideal coaching relationship can last between 3-6 months.

How often will I need a coaching session?

For quick and effective results, we advise weekly sessions for the first month. Then it can be scheduled to fortnightly and monthly intervals.

Can I discontinue my session?

Yes, the coaching arrangements can be discontinued at any time.

Can I cancel or re-schedule my pre-paid appointment because of unforeseen circumstances?

Yes, as long as you give ample notice to your coach; a minimum of 2 working days.

How much is a session?

There are different packages you can choose from. To take advantage of package offers, we suggest to book and pre-pay a series of sessions. Each package can be arranged to suit your needs.

There is a special Health Pack available for clients with a Doctor’s referral. Health Care Card holders will also receive considerations.

When and how do I pay for the sessions?

Each session needs to be paid prior to the appointment. Payments can be made by Direct Credit or Cheque (needs 5 days for clearance).

Time Keeping:

What happens if I’m late? The sessions will finish at the prearranged time as it fits in with other appointments. There may be a possibility to extend for a small extra charge.

What happens when I miss a session altogether? Generally it cannot be refunded.

Foot Note:

Please view the Code of Ethics set out by the International Coaching Federation for further Information.

To download the ICF Code of Ethics click